Automatically Add Lyrics to Songs in iTunes Using Tunestext

Find out how to automatically add lyrics to songs in iTunes.

It’s sometimes fun and helpful to have the lyrics to the song you’re playing on your iPod or on iTunes on your computer. On a Mac, there’s an easy way to add song lyrics while the song is playing. It involves using a handy widget called Tunestext. Tunestext is free to download and use.

1. Begin by downloading the widget here for free:

2. Once your done, double click the Tunestext zip file you downloaded to open it.

3. Double click the widget installer.

Step 3. This is what the widget installer looks like. Double click to install.

4. A dialogue window will appear. Click “Install.”

Step 4. Click “Install.”

5. Your dashboard will install Tunestext, click “Keep” at  the bottom of the widget.

The Tunestext widget

Step 5. Click “Keep”

Voila! Now every time you play a song in iTunes, Tunestext will fetch the lyrics and add them to iTunes. Pretty nifty, eh?

You can resize the widget to your liking. Fans of J-pop need not fret: Tunestext can be set to also fetch lyrics to Japanese song.

If you have questions or reactions, let me know. If you have other tips to make iTunes more fun to use, write me in the comments section.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • PowerPC or Intel processor (Universal Application)
  • iTunes
  • Internet Connection (for search lyrics)

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