Stop Google Chrome from Opening Automatically on Startup

Does Google Chrome open automatically when you turn on your Mac? It can be annoying if you don’t want Google Chrome to keep doing that, but there’s a way to stop your Mac from opening the application every time you turn on your computer.

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You won’t find the settings in Chrome’s preferences, but in your Mac’s system preferences. Do the following steps for a Chrome-less startup.

1. Launch the System Preferences in your Applications folder.

Step 1. Launch System Preferences

2. Select Users & Groups.

Step 2. Select Users & Groups

3. Select Login Items.

4. Select Google Chrome

5. Click the minus sign to remove Google Chrome from Login Items.

And that’s it. Once you’ve removed Google Chrome from the Login Items, Chrome will no longer turn on automatically every time you start your computer.

Let me know in the comments section if you found this tip helpful.


78 thoughts on “Stop Google Chrome from Opening Automatically on Startup

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  4. PERFECT !!! amazing how a little thing like this can annoy the bejeebees out of us. What is more annoying is the fact that all was fine and it only started automatically opening up by itself. How could the option box to have Google Chrome open on start-up been ticked, if I know I didn’t tick the box, and I am the only one with access to my computer? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to provide answer to this.

    • Happy to be of help. Thank you for the feedback.
      Yeah, Dorota, it crazy annoyed me, too. Chrome began launching itself on startup shortly after I installed the app. Like you, I don’t know how it happened, I certainly didn’t touch the settings. I’m guessing it could be something built into the installation process.
      The procedure above worked for me in stopping Chrome from launching automatically. I hope the instructions worked on your computer as well.

      • Today I upgraded my google drive account, I think that was the trigger. Very annoying indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your instructions are much appreciated. Yes, this has annoyed me from the time I first installed Chrome. How big brother of them. I plan to check this blog for other hints. Thanks again.

  6. The solution posted here seems to be only a temporary one. I’ve been removing Chrome from the Login Items for the better part of a year now, and things will be fine UNTIL I use Chrome again. As long as I never use chrome, then it will not automatically add itself to my login items. The moment I launch it, I can be assured that it will launch automatically on my next startup. Seems this is a problem that has frustrated many:!topic/chrome/e4meegMLmaY

    OS X 10.7.3/Chrome 18.0.1025.151

  7. I found the tip to be very useful… at least until time passes. I figure that every new update, Google Chrome will check if it will start up automatically during startup and, if it doesn’t, it will add itself without my consent.

    Is there any way to make sure it never makes it was to the Startup items list again (without uninstalling Google Chrome altogether)?

  8. Note that you can do the same thing by right-clicking on Chrome in the dock, then going to Opetions and unchecking “Open at Login”

    It seems to be platform-independent—this has been happening on my Mac and Windows PC.

  9. I agree with several of the comments above — Chrome will add itself back to this list if you remove it. Either it’s a bug or Google wants Chrome to always start when you log in, either way they are coding their way around this and removing it from this list is a temporary measure at best.

    • Not sure how my previous comment ended up with an email address instead of a name (autocomplete I guess) but if you have any way to change that, please do. Or just delete it. Thanks.

    • The check mark only hides it after it starts up. You need to delete it fom the login items list if you don’t want it starting up automatically.

      • That’s correct. I’ve had no issues with the problem reoccurring after deleting Chrome from the login items.

  10. worked perfectly, thanks. I do think that OSX should require a user’s permission before it allows an application to put itself in startup – it should never be automatic and without your knowledge and approval.

    • Good that it worked for you, too. Perhaps people at Google should do something to stop Google Chrome from doing this automatically.

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  12. Glad that I googled this and found the answer on WordPress. Out of extreme frustration I was just going to delete Chrome. I had checked the box to have it not pop up and that didn’t work. Never thinking that I needed to hit the – sign. Thank you very much for saving my sanity.

  13. I’ve been tracking the bug report for this, you can see it here:
    Unfortunately the latest comment (posted today) is:
    “Looks like this was not fixed. Investigating.”
    The tip above is only temporary, as described in that bug report the next time Chrome updates it may add itself again. I uninstalled it from my MBP because it kept adding itself back and nothing would stop it. On my MacPro it’s never been a problem.

  14. Works only temporarily for me….OS X 10.8.3. I have removed it from my login list, and also right clicked in the dock and it is set to NOT login there, but it’s still open every time I start up the MAC. Frustrating. Anyone else with a solution?

  15. Would you know how to do it if it’s just for a normal laptop? I own an Acer Aspire 5755 notebook and it does this. When it opens it goes into this weird site that Avast detects as a Malware. I’m kinda alarmed. Thank you 🙂

  16. Greatly appreciate it, it’s amazing how simple tweaks make a big difference yet finding where to make the change isn’t always strait forward. Thanks for putting together a simple article with screenshot. I just torched and re-installed Chrome and the new update auto launched. Thanks.

    • I agree whole heartedly, it is at best a temporary fix. I already know how to remove items from my startup, and I also know how to access the startup files in the operating system. I likewise used a UNIX command in terminal. to be able to see the hidden files, and I searched all of the Google files meticulously for the reinstall app. Yet when I use Google Chrome for anything, the next time I boot, it turns Chrome back on. Google has to be doing this on purpose, so I suggest not using it at all, until they can actually fix it, which I am certain they could, if they wanted to do so.
      FYI, I have BING as my Chrome search engine and use Immunicity to keep the nosy SOBs from Google at bay. There is no really good excuse for all the spying that occurs from software vendors. It should be illegal…period! What the NSA, and all the sites on the web do, is just plain wrong. Google reading your email is also wrong. Facebook flat out decrees that users have absolutely no right to privacy. Stop using them…all of them…until they come around. FYI…if you are using Mavericks…Apple’s OS 10.9…it is also loaded with spyware, so much so, that it actually slows the OS down a lot. I have removed iTunes and use a Port mapper to keep track. They now bypass Little Snitch, so I use other newer firewalls. On my major machine though I run 10.6.8, and do so because it simply is significantly faster…it just plain works. Apple is obviously not learning from Microsoft’s past mistakes.

  17. Thanks for the “tip” but as noted above, it does not work on Mac Mavericks — Chrome opens right up again when you log in. Does anyone know the REAL way to fix this annoying Google issue? Thanks.

  18. Thank you very much for remediating this issue. What a pain this was every time I stated my MacBook and now the problem is resolved. I appreciate you posting this fix!

  19. I am going to visit your site regularly. Thank you for quick, easy fixes. Although I wonder why this “just happens” (I DID NOT set this up!) my experience is that ALL variants of Apple software have this “we know better than you” arrogance about them. I really hate the Apple software because of this persistent issue which they refuse to correct. Anyway, thank you again for something easy, for once.

  20. Thank you! I had unchecked the box in the Login Items but I did not actually remove it from the list. This helped me! Thank you!

    • Chrome was so totally invasive, I finally removed it…only to find out that it re-installs itself. When I was using it, the degree of control by Google was entirely unacceptable anyway. I had to make all of the folders contents visible and go hunt it down to get rid of it. It did not matter if I was using a different browser as my noted primary…if you clicked on a link…even a part of the browser would open up…until I removed every single trace of it, Chrome always took over.

  21. Oh — so *many* thanks for your assist with this. And providing step-by-step screen shots is the frosting on the cake! Thanks for the time & energy you put into this tip!

  22. Wow this is an old post! but it saved my ass 🙂 after much fruitless digging around google I finally got help in the ‘simplest’ way! Thank you so much.

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