Enable Automatic Login in Mac OSX

Step 1. Launch System Preferences

Are you tired of having to type in a password every time you use your Mac? There’s a way to enable automatic login.

Read more for the step-by-step guide.

If you want to skip the login screen, do the following steps to make your Mac login automatically to your user account.

1. Launch System preference.

2. Select Users & Groups.

Select Users & Groups

3. Click Login Options.

3.1. If the options are grayed out click the padlock icon and go to step 3.2. If not, go on to step 4.

3.2. Type in your password in the Password field.

Type password then press Unlock

3.3. Click the Unlock button. This unlocks Users & Groups and options will no longer be dimmed.

4. Select the pulldown menu to the right of the label Automatic login to show options.

Click on pulldown menu to select your username

5. Select your account name from the pulldown menu options.

6. Type in your password in the Password field and click OK.

Type in your password and click OK. Now your Mac will login automatically to your account.

And that’s it. Now, every time you turn on your Mac, you will automatically be logged into your account.

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