Have Your Dashery: Make an Em Dash on a Mac Keyboard

Ever wondered to to create an em dash using a keyboard shortcut on Mac OSX?

Ah, that pesky em dash. In ye olde days of the typewriter, you would simply type two hyphens.

But how do you make ‘em on a Mac keyboard?

Here’s how:

• On your keyboard, press Option+Shift+Hyphen all at the sam time.

That’s it. Just one step. It’s not as difficult as love, as Rilke would say.

And the fruits of your labor after the jump.

This is an em dash: “—”


5 thoughts on “Have Your Dashery: Make an Em Dash on a Mac Keyboard

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  3. Thanks for your comment above with regards to the em dash, however, all it gives you is the en dash. The en dash is 2 hyphens together, the width of a capital N. The em dash, which is what many people, like myself are getting frustrated with, when writing, need an em dash, the width of a capital M. Equivalent to 3 hyphens. Whilst reading novels, you will see the longer em dash used. This is what I use in writing, but I have a slight gap between my en dash and dash to make my em dash. My iPhone allows the option for three sized dashes when I hold down on the hyphen key. But not on my Macbook Air. Pages allows me to select the smart dashes to link two hyphens together, as well as the process you’ve mentioned above, and my writing app, Ulysses, automatically merges 2 dashes to make an en dash. If anyone can help me on finding how to merge all three hyphens together, I would be much appreciated.

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