Adding Lyrics and Album Art to iTunes Using Album Art Thingy

Want to be able to add lyrics AND album art to your songs on iTunes automatically?

Can Album Art Thingy retrieve album art and lyrics for your iTunes music library?

Album Art Thingy claims to be able to do that. I downloaded the trial version, which can be found here.

I’ve tried this app before on my old G4 Mac running OSX Tiger and I was impressed.

On my old iBook G4, Album Art Thingy found the album art and the lyrics to to many of the tracks I had in my iTunes library. Once I had Album Art Thingy running, all I had to do was play a song in iTunes and Album Art Thingy would find and add the album art and lyrics to iTunes. It was that easy.

Will it work on OSX Lion?

Find out after the jump.

One neat feature was that it can use Growl to give notifications when it finds the album art or the lyrics to your songs. An indicator on the menu bar turns red while looking for lyrics or album art and turns green when it finds something. The indicator is gray when iTunes is not running.

The trial version can supposedly search for album art but not save it into iTunes. The paid version costs USD 15. It should run on Mac OSX 10.39 and later on PPC or Intel Macs.

Preferences for Album Art Thingy allows you to tweak the application.

I tried the the trial version of the app’s latest iteration on a Mac running OSX Lion and this I can tell from Album Art Thingy. It can’t seem to find the album art to many songs. As for lyrics, when Album Art Thingy does find them, doesn’t seem to be complete. What I’ve gotten many times are just the first two verses.

My take on Album Art Thingy? I really can’t recommend this application.

Softonic has version 1.11 on it site and can be tried for free but it doesn’t look like the app is still in active development. The last time the app was updated on Softonic’s site was August 24, 2009, an eon ago in terms of app development. Links to the developer’s website doesn’t seem to be working either.

For adding lyrics automatically, I recommend Tunestext. It’s free and it works. If you’re looking for a way to automatically add lyrics and album art to iTunes, I’ll have to say Album Art Thingy is not the answer.


3 thoughts on “Adding Lyrics and Album Art to iTunes Using Album Art Thingy

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