Is Apple Saying Adios to the Mac Pro?

Cnet’s Josh Lowensohn has just predicted the end of the line for the Mac Pro. He thinks it’s happening in 2012, the year that some people are saying will mark either the end of the world or the start of a new era.

Inside the Mac Pro. Image from

The Mac Pro. Image from

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Not that the end of the Mac Pro is a sign that the world is ending. Lowensohn just saying that given where Apple products are going, it makes sense for Apple to stop producing Mac Pros. He reasons that probable discontinuation of the Mac Pro are due to the following:

  • The majority of Apple sales are coming from its notebooks and its tablets. Fewer people are buying desktops.
  • The Mac Pro let’s the user mess around with the insides of the machine, something that Apple’s design philosophy has been abandoning more and more with it’s laptop and tablets.

He takes note of the fact that the Mac Pro has not had a major overhaul since 2006 when the Mac Pro (then called the Power Mac G5) switched from IBM’s G5 CPU to an Intel-based CPU.

What do you think? Will Apple say adios to the Mac Pro? Will you miss the Mac Pro if it goes?

Will the discontinuation of the Mac Pro, if it happens, make you want to sing, “If You Leave”?


3 thoughts on “Is Apple Saying Adios to the Mac Pro?

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