Check Dictionary Definition of a Word in Safari in Mac OSX

A wonderful dictionary app, the New Oxford American Dictionary, comes preinstalled in Mac OSX. The dictionary can run as a standalone app or as a widget you can keep active in the dashboard.

The Mac OSX Dashboard has a Oxford American Dictionary widget with which you can look up definitions and synonyms.

What you may or may not know is that you can look up dictionary definitions without leaving the application you are using. In Safari, you can see the definition of a word you are reading in three easy steps. The same steps will also show synonyms from the Thesaurus.

Hover your mouse pointer over word you want to look up.

Find out how after the jump.

Looking up the dictionary definition of a word in Safari is easy. You can do it without having to leave Safari, in fact.

Right-click to call up contextual menu. The contextual menu will show options, including looking up a word in the dictionary.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Select or hover over the word you wish to look up.
  2. Right-click (or do a two-finger tap) on your mouse or trackpad. A contextual menu will appear next to the word.
  3. Click Look Up. Dictionary will give you the definition of the word you selected. The Thesaurus app bundled with the dictionary will also show synonyms.

In Safari, right-click a word to get the definition in the dictionary.

You can also use the above steps to look up words in other applications. Right-clicking (or using the two-finger tap) in other apps will also give the option to look up words in Textedit, Preview, Evernote, and Bean. I don’t think it works in Pages. But right clicking in Microsoft Word and Google Chrome will also allow you to look up words. Microsoft Word, though, does not use Mac OSX’s built in Dictionary app but uses its own bundled dictionary to show definitions and synonyms in a separate palette window.

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4 thoughts on “Check Dictionary Definition of a Word in Safari in Mac OSX

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  4. Hello, After looking up words, is there a way to then access those same words in list form, from the Dictionary? Does Dictionary cache the words you “looked up”? Thank you.

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