How to Install the Kindle Ebook Reader App for OS X

Do you have a Kindle ebook reader? Neither do I. Lucky for us Mac users, we can read ebooks from Amazon on Mac OSX.

Now you can enjoy Kindle books on Mac OSX. Kindle for Mac works on Intel Macs running OSX 10.5 and later.

Amazon released Kindle for Mac OSX in 2010. It complements a Kindle ebook reader if you have one. But you don’t have to have one. It complements Kindle apps for Windows, the iPhone, and Blackberry, but you don’t have to have any of those devices to enjoy reading Amazon ebooks on Mac OSX.

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How do you read ebooks you’ve bought on Amazon on your Mac desktop or notebook? Well, there’s a Kindle app for Mac OSX that you can get on either get on Amazon’s site or from the Mac App Store.

Do the following steps to get started with Kindle for Mac OSX.

Download and Install Kindle for Mac OSX

  1. Download Kindle app for Mac OSX here: Download
  2. When download finishes, double click on the dmg installer. I window will open showing the Kindle app for Mac.
  3. Next, drag the app into your application folder.

Drag Kindle for Mac OSX into your Applications folder to install.

System Requirements

Take note that this will work in Intel Macs running OSX Lion and Snow Leopard.

  • If you have an Intel Mac running OSX Leopard, download Kindle here: Download

Kindle for Mac OSX Leopard won’t run on PPC Macs, such as the iBook G4.

So, now you’ve got Kindle installed.

You’ll need an Amazon account to get books into your Kindle reader.

If you already have an account, you’ll need to register the Kindle app using your Amazon account email address when you first launch the app. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to register.

Once registered, you’ll see your Kindle ebook library. Amazon has thrown in three free books with your new Kindle app. These three will appear when you first use the Kindle app.

  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

If you have made previous ebook purchases, you’ll also see those books in your library, which will appear on the Kindle app’s main window.

Kindle for Mac lets you read your Kindle ebooks on Mac OSX.

If want to buy ebooks from Amazon, go to and sign in. Using the navigation bar on the right where it says “Shop All Departments,” navigate to Books > Kindle Books.

The Kindle app for Mac is great if you already have an Amazon account or if you would like to buy and read ebooks from the Amazon online bookstore. Otherwise, there are other ways to read ebooks on Mac OSX.

Kindle for Mac features

If you just need to read PDFs, then I highly recommend the Preview app, which comes preinstalled on Mac OSX. For reading comic books on Mac OSX, I suggest you use the free and zippy Simple Comic. For reading epubs, there are a few free options.

Shop for ebooks on Amazon’s site. Navigate to Books > Kindle Books.

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