How to Quit Mail, iTunes, Safari, or Any Other App When Even Force Quit Won’t Work

What do you do when an app refuses to freezes? First thing you have to try is force quitting an app.

How to Force Quit, option 1

  1. One way of doing that is doing a long press (or two-finger tap) on the app icon on the dock to make the contextual menu appear.
  2. Then you click force Quit or Force Quit.

What if an app won't force quit? What do you do?

How to Force Quit, option 2

Another is by on the application’s name in the menu bar on top right of the screen (to the right of the Apple logo ) and click Quit or Force Quit in the drop down menu.

But what if even force quitting doesn’t work? 

What the Mail app, Safari, or iTunes won’t quit even if you try to use the Force Quit? What if an app’s blue light just won’t go out?

Here’s another catch. When force quitting won’t quit an application, you can’t even shut down your computer (Apple logo  > Shut Down). And you get a message explaining why: The frozen app, Mail, Safari, or whatever, is stopping your computer from shutting down. Yes, you can’t even shut down your computer! Caramba!

What do you do? Find out how to force quit an app that won’t force quit to just flipping force quit, after the jump.

So is the only recourse a force shutdown? A long press on the power button? Or do you remove your battery? Right, if you are using a Macbook Air, removing the battery is not even an option. With a Mac Mini, iMac, or Mac Pro, do you pull the plug right out of the socket?

Not so fast. It turns out there’s an easier way.

How to Force Quit an App that Won’t Force Quit

  • Use a keyboard shortcut: Command + Option + Escape

Alternatively, you can also do this:

  1. Click the Apple logo  in the menu bar
  2. Select Force quit

Force Quit by Clicking on Apple logo and then click Force Quit. In the dialogue box,select the app that you want to force quit.

A dialogue box will appear.

  1. In the dialogue box, Select the application you want to force quit
  2. And then click the Force Quit button

Whew, now that pesky frozen application can go gentle into that good night. At least until you launch it again.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments section.


39 thoughts on “How to Quit Mail, iTunes, Safari, or Any Other App When Even Force Quit Won’t Work

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  3. Beachball spins, clicking on apple logo gives no response, no dropdown menu. Command/Option/Escape does not produce any result. Long press or click over application icon, nothing. In middle of OS update, and Mac Mini 2011 is totally hung.

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  5. My Macbook Pro with Lion, granducho version:

    When I click on dashboard, itunes spring alive & starts playing music by itself. Nothing will stop it, Force Quit does nothing (whether I access it by the apple menu or by control,alt,esc. Restart won’t work (blocked by itunes). The only temporary remedy is to hold down the power button. This is outrageous. Is this an apple attempt to monitor me via itunes?

  6. Safari hung my MacBook up but the command/option/esc worked! thanks for being there. (I think safari doesn’t like the chrome I installed even tho I rarely launch chrome.hmmmm maybe better delete chrome?)

  7. My issue is I Force Quit, and dang when I wait, then turn it back on, Firefox, Mail, and Address Book are open on the desktop. What now?

  8. Also worth trying:
    Launch Terminal (search for it on your computer)
    type in: KillAll Safari (or whichever app you want to stop)
    Close terminal.

    It always works and will stop all aspects of the application from running in the background. BTW KillAll Dock will reset your dock and kill all your dashboard widgets.

    Also if the same problem happens as soon as you restart try adjusting your system preferences -> General -> Restore windows and tabs settings.

  9. It didn’t help me a bit, unfortunately, as I’m not even allowed to use the shortcut!! In short, nothing works 😦 I’m running Snow Leopard. This annoying stuff happens with chrome on a daily basis…

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  11. No it does not work. Mail and iCal, in my Mac OS X, simply pops back open every time after I force quit. They quit for a couple of seconds only!

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  13. I can force quit mail but when I open it again I still get the beach ball. I’ve tried shutting down the computer and every time I turn it back on I still have the beach ball. btw I can view, send/receive email by going to gmail website but it’s frozen when I try to use the mail app on my macbook air

  14. Yay!! Just after a very large and ongoing Carumba over here …
    You made it work thanks to the the step-by-step !!
    Thank you so much.

    (But ironically, it took my a number of tries and re-tries to get this thank you reply to send. Life is hilarious.)

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