Samsung SSD for Coming Macbook Air to Become Twice as Fast

The solid state drives (SSDs) on the Macbook Air is about to become twice as fast, thanks to a new component manufactured by Samsung. Speed tests conducted on the new Samsung SSD 830 showed significant improvements in performance in the previous generation Samsung SSD 470.

Macbook Air updates will have an Ivy Bridge processor and possibly the faster Samsung SSD 830. Photo from Apple website.

The Macbook Air is not equipped with this superfast SSD yet. So when will a Macbook Air come out with the Samsung SSD 830? Read more after the jump.

As reported by 9to5 Mac, tests on the read and write speed of the Samsung SSD 830 is pretty impressive. The disk write speed was approximately 400MB/s while reading clocks at 500MB/s. These speeds are about twice as fast the Samsung SSDs on the current Macbook Airs, much faster than the Toshiba SSDs.

Current Macbook Airs ship with SSDs manufactured either by Samsung or Toshiba, with the Samsung SSDs reportedly clocking faster than its Toshiba counterpart. The Samsung SSD 470 that ships with current Macbook Airs clock have write speeds of 209.6 MB/s and read speeds of 261.1 MB/s, reports 9to5 Mac.

More Mac News:

Neither Samsung nor Apple have announced if or when Apple will be shipping a Macbook Air with the Samsung 830. Samsung has stopped producing the SSD 470 and 9to5 Mac speculates that there is a good possibility that Apple will be using the Samsung SSD 830 since the 830 is just, well, so good.

It’s just possible that when the Macbook Air update does come out with the much-talked about Ivy Bridge processor, a Samsung SSD 830 could be installed on it as well.

Another question that comes to mind now is if Apple will be coming out with Macs sporting components from Anobit, the flash memory company Apple bought for a cool USD 500 Million.

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