Macbooks with Intel’s Ivy Bridge Could Be out April 8, 2012 -Rumor

Rumor has it that Macbooks equipped with Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors could be out by April 8. Reports from various sources point to Digitimes as the source for a possible release date for Intel’s next generation CPUs using the Ivy Bridge architecture.

Macbooks with Intel Ivy Bridge processors could be out very very soon. Image from the Apple website

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The recently-concluded 2012 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas already showcased a number of Windows ultrabooks with the Ivy Bridge CPUs. As for Apple, the could be coming out with desktops—the Mac Mini and iMac included—and laptops with Ivy Bridge included.

  • One of the sources reporting on the Mac-Ivy Bridge release date is O’Grady’s Powerpage.

Apple Macbook Airs with Sandy Bridge processors were released July  2011, at the same time as the Sandy Bridge Mac Minis and a Thunderbolt-equipped display.

Apple Insider reports that upcoming Apple Macbook Pros are likely to be equipped with the Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. The processors, says Apple Insider, will feature the new Intel HD Graphics 4000 architecture.

Intel’s Core i7-3667U and Core i5-3427U processors, which are expected get a launch date later than that of Ivy Bridge, is also likely to end up in Apple’s Macbook Air.

  • Macbooks are moving towards more powerful and more energy efficient, that is obvious. How about the hard drives? How soon will Apple adopt the Samsung SSDs which are reportedly twice as fast as the hard drives in the current generation Macbook Air?

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