Get Ready for a 15-inch Macbook Air with Ivy Bridge

It’s not just updates for the iPhone and the iPad that are getting attention lately. Technology sites have been abuzz with the possible launch of a Macbook Air with a whopping 15-inch screen. New processors with Ivy Bridge processors are also to make an appearance on the next-generation Macbook Air.

Macbooks with Intel Ivy Bridge processors could be out very very soon. Image from the Apple website

Right now, Macbook Air line includes an 11-inch and a 13-inch models; 15-inch screens are only available on Macbook Pros.

As for CPUs, the current Macbook Air’s Sandy Bridge processor from Intel provides great performance while being a great energy saver. But Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor promises to be both faster and smaller than Sandy Bridge. Intel is also touting Ivy Bridge’s graphics and multimedia performance.

So what other features and components can we expect to find on the coming Macbook Air? Read more after the jump.

What are the likely updates the Macbook Air, Apple’s popular notebook computer, will receive? What new models are coming out?

Macbook Airs with Intel’s processors running on the Sandy Bridge architecture is very possible. Sandy Bridge quad-core i7 CPUs will give the Macbook Air 20 percent boost in CPU performance and 60 percent improvement in graphics power, according to a Computerworld article.

Given the supposedly low energy requirement of the Sandy Bridge CPU, it follows that battery life of the Macbook Air will also improve.

The aforementioned Computerworld story speculates on the likeliness of 15-inch displays for Apple’s Macbook Air. With the rising sales of the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the Macbook Air, it seems logical that Apple would want to add another model to the Macbook Air. A 15-inch Macbook Air makes a lot of sense since it would allow Apple to cater to users wanting for a thin-and-light notebook with a larger display.

Faster SSDs from Samsung may be coming, but not yet on the next Macbooks it seems. Another question is if and when Macbooks will see the inclusion of components from Anobit, the Israel-based flash storage company.

While no successor to OSX Lion 10.7 coming out yet, I feel Apple could silently roll out improvements to iCloud, Apple’s cloud computing service. Don’t expect major updates to iTunes match, which Apple has just launched in 19 new countries.

So, d the rumors make sense? Or are the theories all a bunch of hogwash? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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