Macbook Air, Pro with Ivy Bridge and “Retina” Display Coming Soon

Not only are coming Macbooks expected to get significant performance boosts from CPU and SSD upgrades, higher resolution screens with “Retina” display are also expected to make its debut to Apple notebooks.

The 15-inch Macbook Pro and the rumored 15-inch Macbook Air are prime candidates to get ultra-high resolution Retina display from Apple. Image from Apple website.

Websites such as Macrumors are citing Digitimes as the source of reports that Apple supply chain partners “would double the resolution of the Macbook Pro to 2880×1800 pixels.” Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch have been boasting of Retina displays that “pack four times the number of pixels into the same size screen” as previous models. The rumored iPad 3 could also get a boost to its screen resolution.

What are the possibilities of seeing Ivy Bridge Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs with Retina displays?

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The native resolutions of the current Macbook Pro is at 1440×900 pixels. Intel’s Ivy bridge processors that are expected to appear in future Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros can support resolutions as high as 4096×4096. And higher-resolution support from Mac OS X Lion is something Apple has been working on, according to GigaOM.

It’s quite possible that Apple’s 15-inch Macbook Pro would be getting the Retina display upgrade.If Apple does come out with a 15-inch Macbook Air, then that is also a good candidate for carrying Retina display.

Equipping Macbooks with higher-resolution displays would give the portables higher energy requirements and consequently shorter battery life, these are some of the challenges Apple could be facing with the rumored upgrade.

Reports from various sources are saying Macbooks with Retina displays could be out by the second quarter of 2012. If reports of an April 8, 2012, release are true, then we will soon know which rumors prove to be true.


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