Download the Latest Firefox for Mac OS X

Here’s a bit of breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 is out.

Breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Android is available for download.

Head on to Mozilla’s download page for the latest Firefox web browser for Mac OS X: Download page for Firefox for Mac OS X

Firefox has has always been among my favorite web browsers. It’s one of the most flexible and most customizable web browsers I’ve ever used on Mac OS X and on Windows.

Even on my aging iBook G4, Firefox is still my primary browser, since Mozilla’s version of Firefox for the PPC G4 works great on that machine.

Firefox version 10, the latest version, released just today January 31, 2012 , is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Android phones, and Android tablets. For Mac OS X, Firefox 10 will work on Intel Macs running OS 0.7, 10.6, and 10.5.

There are just so many plugins you can install to tweak Firefox to your exact liking. You can change the look, adjust the user interface, or add tools that make Firefox fun for social networking addicts and useful for professionals and Web developers.  Firefox is fast and it works looks and works great even without plugins or modifications.

The latest version of Firefox was just released and they’re on version 10 now and the good news is that most if not all of your plugins should work on this version by default.

Do you like the new version of Firefox? Let me know in the comments version.


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