How to Read Epubs Using Adobe Digital Edition

Adobe Digital Editions is one of my favorite ebook readers for Mac OS X. It can read books in epub format and it is completely free.

Reading becomes easy using scrolling on your mouse or trackpad. You can set font sizes easily and add bookmarks.

Once you have it installed and setup, you can use it to open and read digital books in epub format, even many epubs that are digitally protected by DRM.

Read epubs using Adobe Digital Editions

So how do you open epubs using Adobe Digital Editions?

First, you should have Adobe Digital Editions installed and setup.

Now, using Finder, look for an ebook in epub format you want to open. If you don’t have any other epub reader installed, double-clicking on an epub file should automatically launch Adobe Digital Editions. If double-clicking doesn’t work, then do the following steps.

  1. Right-click the ebook,
  2. Hover over Open With,
  3. Select Adobe Digital Editions.

Open ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions, one of the best ebook readers for Mac OS X.

So now you can read ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions.

The look and feel is sleek though the interface is not exactly Mac-like. For one, you won’t see your usual command options in the toolbar on the top of your Mac screen. And the app toolbar is not customizable either.

To Move Forward or Back

To move forward and back, use scrolling (on your trackpad or keyboard) or the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the book.

Bookmarking a Page

Adobe makes it easy to bookmark pages. Once you are on a page you want to bookmark, simply click on the bookmark icon on the upper-right corner of the app and click OK.

You may also open the bookmark pane by selecting the bookmark icon on the upper-left of the app, then click the + sign on the bottom-left next to Options.

Problems with Bookmarking a Page

I don’t know if this is a common issue, but sometimes you might have problems adding a bookmark in Adobe Digital Editions. You will see that the bookmark icon is grayed out and so is the + sign and Options in the bookmarks pane. What’s up? Why can’t you bookmark a page in Adobe Digital Editions?

If you can’t bookmark a page, try to quit Adobe Digital Editions and then start the app again.

Making Fonts Bigger or Smaller

Make a font bigger or smaller by clicking on the left or right “a” on the toolbar on the upper-right of the app window.

Learn more about Adobe Digital Editions on Adobe’s FAQ page.

Note: The book page in the illustration above is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You can download The Adventures of Sherlock Homes from Project Gutenberg.


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