How to Check if Your Macbook Air Has the Faster Samsung SSD

Check if your Macbook Air has the faster Samsung SSD. 1. On the Mac OS X toolbar on top-left of the screen, click the Apple logo .

The thing is, if you have a Macbook Air, you could have either the faster solid state drive (SSD) made by Samsung or a slower one manufactured by Toshiba. How do you tell which one you have? News came out in July 2011 that not all Macbook Airs were not all created equal. Quoting Electronista, Cult of Mac explained how some Macbook Airs had the faster, newer, Samsung SSDs that can read up to 264 MB/sec while others had the Toshiba X-Gale SSD that had read speeds of 208 MB/sec. So how can you tell which your 11-inch or 13-inch Macbook has installed? Follow the tutorial below and to check for yourself.

  1. On the Mac OS X toolbar on top-left of the screen, click the Apple logo ;
  2. In the About This Mac pane, click More Info to open System Information;
  3. In System Information, click System Report;
  4. In the System Report window, on the left pane, select Serial-ATA in the left pane
  5. You should see the model number, either “Apple SSD TS128C,” for the slower Toshiba model, or Apple “SSD SM128C,” if you have the faster SSD from Samsung.

2. Click the More Info button.

3. Click System Report.

5. Select Serial-ATA. This should show if you have the Samsung or the Toshiba SSD.

It all comes down to luck which SSD you end up with, whether it’s the older, slower model or the newer faster model. Speed tests conducted by techies show the difference in read and write speeds. However, people who’ve used both devices—a Macbook Air with the Samsung drive and a Macbook Air with the Toshiba drive—report that the difference in everyday use is hardly noticeable if at all.   We don’t know what Apple will be using future Macbook Airs, but if they use the next-generation SSDs by Samsung, then the drive performance should be a lot faster than that of the drives in the current Macbook Air models.

And then again, we don’t yet know what Apple is planning with any of the products that will come out of Anobit, the flash memory company that Apple bought in January of 2012

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