How to Clear Cookies in Safari in Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard

Have you heard about how cookies are fattening? It’s not just the browser cache and the history that you need to clean up on your browser. Whether you’re using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, you need to take care of deleting cookies.

Learn how to clear cookies in Safari 5

Browsers can give you options in resetting the data that is saved in your Mac or Windows PC. Safari 5, for example, gives you options to clear history, reset top sites, remove webpage preview images, clear downloads window, remove website icons, remove saved names, passwords, and other “autofill” form text, and others.

But, hey, where do I click to delete my cookies?

Right, you may have heard that while not all cookies are bad, they still need to be cleared every so often. So what are cookies and when should you delete them?

First, here is how to delete cookies in Safari 5 running in Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

  1. With Safari active click on Safari in the toolbar on top of the screen;
  2. With the preference pane open, select privacy;
  3. Under cookies and other website date, there’s a button labeled Remove All Website Data;
  4. In the dialogue box, click Remove Now.


And that’s it. You have just deleted Safari’s cookies.

You may be wondering, what are cookies? Programmer Leo Notenboom explains in a nutshell what cookies are:

Cookies can send back information to advertisers, website administrators, and potential hackers. Notenboom though says that while cookies can be misused, are more valuable to website owners because of the aggregate data they provide. But his advice is that there is no need to be paranoid about cookies.

See more tips for Safari:


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