Download: Video Monkey will convert your video files for free

Video Monkey is a free and easy-to-use video converter for OS X.

You can use it to convert video files from one format to another. You can use it to encode files into AVI, MP4, Quick Time, Flash, MPEG, and DV. Or you can use the presets that converts the video to the size and format of iPods, iPhones, and Apple TV.

Video Monkey can take just about any file type you throw at it and convert it in the format you want.

Get Video Monkey

Using Video Monkey only requires you to know how to drag and drop files.

How to convert video files in Video Monkey

The instructions on Video Monkey’s website is stated simply:

  1. Just start the app
  2. Drop your video file into the window
  3. Select the device you’re encoding for (see screen shot above)
  4. And press start.
  5. Wait a bit (or sometimes more than a little bit if your file is big) and enjoy!

Sounds simple? It is.

Just a note: Video Monkey picks up where Visual Hub left off. Visual Hub was a great app from Techspansion, but development was discontinued in October 2008. When OS X Lion came out, a patch for Visual Hub was released to allow the app to work in Lion. Video Monkey is based on the design and code of Visual Hub.

I’d say Video Monkey is the best video converter available for the Mac. But I can’t really say that since I haven’t tried all video converters on earth. What do you think? Have you tried Video Monkey? Do you use other video conversion apps for the Mac? Let me know in the comments section.


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