How to remove an app in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, it is easy to install web-based applications that work within the browser. But how do you uninstall an app? Easy.

Installing an app is easy.

But how do you get rid an app that you installed on Google Chrome? Here’s how:

  • First, open a new tab by pressing Command + T. (Alternately you could click the new tab button on top of Chrome.);
  • Click the Apps tab on the bottom bar of the browser so you could see your apps;
  • Drag the unwanted app to the lower right of the browser. As you do that, the webs store icon should turn into a trash icon labeled “Remove from Chrome.” Drag the app all the way to the trash icon;
  • Release the app.

Voila. That’s it. The app should be gone from your apps page on Google Chrome.

Read more about Google Chrome on Mac Mojo:


4 thoughts on “How to remove an app in Google Chrome

    • I’ve corrected the typo. Thanks for pointing it out. I can’t believe no one has mentioned it until now. Man, that’s so embarrassing. Thanks.

  1. Did anyone replied to your question? I have the same problem – it doesn’t work as explained about – there is no “remove from chrome”……

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