How to turn on/off Dropbox automatic camera uploads in OS X

It is convenient to have have camera uploads in Dropbox. With camera uploads turned on, whenever you connect a camera or an iPhone, your Mac can automatically copy the photos in the Camera Uploads folder and so that Dropbox can sync the pictures in your Dropbox account.

It is therefore very helpful to know how to turn this on, and when you prefer, how to turn this function off.

How to turn on/off automatic camera uploads in Dropbox

Follow these easy steps to turn this function on or off.

  1. Look for the Dropbox icon on your Mac’s menu bar and click that. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click Preferences. The preference pane will open.
  3. In the general tab of the preferences pane, check “Enable Dropbox cameera import to be able to import pictures automatically to dropbox. With the box checked, Dropbox will automatically import photos when you connect your iPhone or camera to your Mac.¬†Uncheck the box if you want Dropbox to disable automatic importation.

Click the checkbox to enable (or disable) automatic camera uploads in Dropbox on the Mac.

And that is it. It can be terribly convenient if you want to automatically upload your pictures to your Dropbox account. It is also easy to disable the function if you so choose.

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