Why Ehon is a great free epub book reader for OS X

I think I have a new favorite ebook reader for OS X. That, my friends, is Ehon. It’s meant to be a digital comic book reader and it’s a good one, too, able to open comics in CBR and CBZ formats.

Ehon is great for reading digital comic books. It’s also a fantastic ebook reader that supports epub.

But Ehon also supports epub files and there are a number of reasons why it makes a great ebook reader.

I’ve written about Ehon before in the context of it being a great app for reading digital comic books

But Ehon handles epub very well and makes a great book reader for OS X and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Ehon is free. Ehon is free and is available on the Mac App Store.
  2. Works as digital book manager. Ehon can manage your library. You can view your books in list view (showing thumbnails of the book cover) or on an attractive book shelf similar to iBooks on iOS.
  3. Manage ratings and information. You can view information on the books in your library
  4. Attractive user interface. If you can’t stand the skeumorphic design of the bookshelf that’s made to look like black wood, then just switch to list view. More importantly, the book view itself is minimalist and controls are not too hard to grasp.

Ehon has a minimalist interface that supports gestures when reading ebooks. Click photo to enlarge.

The biggest drawback I see, though, is that it’s not as good at bookmarking epubs as it is in bookmarking digital comic books. The reason for this is that a chapter can show up as one continous page that scrolls up and down. A chapter is not necessarily viewed as several pages like you would on the iPhone’s iBooks app.

And that’s it really. Ehon is more attractive than other ebook readers for OS X. However it lacks good support for bookmarking epubs (even though bookmarking is just fine if you are reading digital comic books).

How about you? What do you look for in a desktop ebook reader?


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