How to stay safe: Think before installing

Attacks that threaten Mac OS X may be few and far between but they still occur. One way to protect yourself is to stop to think before installing software.

Okay, I admit that myself have broken this rule from time to time and, from time to time, I will click yes to something and regret it later.

But it really is best to be prudent. If the message such as the one in the picture above appears, take a second to review it. If you knowingly downloaded an app and added it to your applications folder then there should be no problem. Click “open.” (The message above appeared after I reinstalled Simple Comic, one of my favorite comic book readers for OS X.)

But if such a message appears asking you to open an application that you do not recognize or have not knowingly downloaded, installed, or tried to run, click “cancel.” A little prudence goes a long way when it comes to protecting yourself from attempts to hack your computer.

You may have your own tips for staying safe. Please feel free share them in the comment section.

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