Kitty Versus Toy Cocker Spaniel

Kitty likes to play with stuff she finds lying around the house. Normally, she ignores the toys that we give her. She was completely bored with a ball we gave her and she has not shown any interest in an abaca scratching post we got from a pet store.

She’s torn apart a koala keychain which she used to love playing with. Right now, she enjoys herself by tormenting the cocker spaniel keychain in the video below.

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Kitty Is Grooming. That Is All.

Well, it’s been a month since Kitty last made an appearance on this blog. She wants ever one of her followers to know that she’s all right. Still slightly overweight but she’s been working out. She seems to like climbing up and down the stairs a lot.

In this video, you’ll see here taking a break from stair-climbing. Kitty grooms herself and takes a jab at the camera. She hopes you’ll enjoy this short video of her.

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Giant Robot from Japan Could Save the Future Using Soccer

In the future, a giant robot could save Japan. As a matter of fact, it could save us all someday. The 2-meter tall robot in the video below is far from gigantic. But it does have some modest football skills.

We don’t know yet where exactly this technology is going, but we do hope it is used for good. If Voltes V can defeat an opponent with a spinning top, then who knows what the Hajime robot can do once it elevates its skills to Shaolin Soccer level.

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Kitty Is Ready for Her Closeup

Just some random cat cuteness for the day.

Cat Courageously Clashing with Koala Keychain

Watch Kitty battle it out with koala keychain. So random.

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