Download Lightroom 4 from Adobe

Lightroom 4 is now available from the Adobe website. Adobe released Lightroom 4 on March 5, 2012, and made it available for only USD 149. An upgrade will cost USD 79.

Adobe posted this video on Youtube explaining new features in Adobe Lightroom 4.

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Have Your Dashery 2: Make an En Dash on a Mac Keyboard

“A hyphen is a hyphen, and a dash is a dash,” says Bill Walsh. He doesn’t do en dashes, sorry.

But just in case you need to know, there is an easy keyboard shortcut for making an en dash.

How do you make an en dash on a Mac keyboard?

More after the jump.

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Crop an Image Using Preview

What do you use to crop an image in Mac OSX? There are plenty of powerful image editing tools for Mac OSX, some free, some ridiculously expensive.

Included with every Apple Macintosh since 2002, iPhoto has a modest set of photo editing options, such as red-eye removal and adjustment of exposure, contrast, and saturation. Effects (sepia, matte, black and white, etc.) can also be added with one click. It also has an easy-to-use crop tool.

The drawback is that you need to add a photo into your iPhoto library to be able to edit pictures. If you’re using powerful image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Seashore, and Acorn, the drawback is that they may take a while to load. If you merely need a quick fix for cropping a photo, there has to be a quicker way, right?

You can use Prevew to crop photo.

Good thing there’s another option. And it only requires an app that already comes free and preinstalled in every Mac. The app we’re talking about here is Preview. Yup, Preview, that ever reliable photo and PDF viewer for Mac OSX can also be used to crop just about any type of image it can open.

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Check Dictionary Definition of a Word in Safari in Mac OSX

A wonderful dictionary app, the New Oxford American Dictionary, comes preinstalled in Mac OSX. The dictionary can run as a standalone app or as a widget you can keep active in the dashboard.

The Mac OSX Dashboard has a Oxford American Dictionary widget with which you can look up definitions and synonyms.

What you may or may not know is that you can look up dictionary definitions without leaving the application you are using. In Safari, you can see the definition of a word you are reading in three easy steps. The same steps will also show synonyms from the Thesaurus.

Hover your mouse pointer over word you want to look up.

Find out how after the jump.

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How to Put the Tilde on the Eñe on Mac OSX, iOS-Style (Lion only)

Placing a tilde on an “n” is a cinch when you’re writing by hand. All it takes is a flick of the wrist to add the tilde on top of the n.

On a typewriter, it was easy if it had the eñe built in. On a Spanish-style typewriter keyboard, the eñe will typically appear between the L and the comma, so no problem there. Otherwiese, you type the “n,” press backspace, rotate the carriage halfway up by hand, and type the tilde (or hyphen if the keyboard doesn’t have a tilde). That took a little more work, but it was a straightforward process that was obvious enough.

On computers, on Macs, Windows, and others, the fastest way is to rely on a keyboard shortcuts. The problem is, memorizing so many shortcuts can be a pain. To bypass the need to memorize or look up a shortcut, some people took to keeping an eñe on their clipboard. Or when they needed the eñe, they’d look up “España” on the net and add it to the clipboard from there. These were roundabout methods and really just a little bit crazy.

Memorizing keyboard shortcuts to call up the eñe on a computer keyboard can be a pain.

There must be an easier way to type words like “señores” and “señoras,” “señas” and “baños.” On a Mac running OSX Lion there is an easier, less confusing way to write eñe.

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How to Make an “n” with a Tilde on Top Using the Keyboard of your Apple Mac

Señores and señoras, do you know how to make an “n” with a tilde on top? Specifically, how do you make an “ñ” using a Mac keyboard?

How do you type an eñe on a Mac keyboard?

What I used to do, when I needed special characters was to open the keyboard viewer and look for the character from there. (I kept the keyboard viewer icon active on my menu bar.)

An even more roundabout way of finding an eñe was to search for “malacanang” or “jalapeno” on the Web and then copy-paste the word or the eñe from there. Yep, I did that sometimes. It was a pain.

Learn how to do it on a Mac keyboard after the jump.

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Have Your Dashery: Make an Em Dash on a Mac Keyboard

Ever wondered to to create an em dash using a keyboard shortcut on Mac OSX?

Ah, that pesky em dash. In ye olde days of the typewriter, you would simply type two hyphens.

But how do you make ‘em on a Mac keyboard?

Here’s how:

• On your keyboard, press Option+Shift+Hyphen all at the sam time.

That’s it. Just one step. It’s not as difficult as love, as Rilke would say.

And the fruits of your labor after the jump.

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