What is the sound of one facepalm clapping? iPhoto face detection fail

When facial recognition fails.

Apple’s iPhoto app for OS X can do fantastic things with its facial recognition feature. But when it fails, well, sometimes it gets weird.

What is the sound of one facepalm clapping?

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Blind Cat Likes “Watching” American Idol Auditions

His name is Bukopie and he likes watching American Idol Auditions. Bukopie is also blind.

Photo: Jean-Paul Sartre at the Mall

If hell is other people, then the malls at Christmastime is absolutely hellish.

Hell is Other People.

Christmas-related trivia about Jean-Paul Sartre after the jump.

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Giant Robot from Japan Could Save the Future Using Soccer

In the future, a giant robot could save Japan. As a matter of fact, it could save us all someday. The 2-meter tall robot in the video below is far from gigantic. But it does have some modest football skills.

We don’t know yet where exactly this technology is going, but we do hope it is used for good. If Voltes V can defeat an opponent with a spinning top, then who knows what the Hajime robot can do once it elevates its skills to Shaolin Soccer level.

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Cat Distracted from Grooming, Puts on Spielberg Face

This cat gets distracted while grooming. What is it, Kitty? What’s distracting you?

Why do you you keep making that Steven Spielberg face? What’s a Spielberg face? Check it out here: Sam Neill and Laura Dern in a Spielberg face moment in Jurassic Park.

Cat Courageously Clashing with Koala Keychain

Watch Kitty battle it out with koala keychain. So random.

We Serve Flying Saucers

Garçon, I’d like mine well done. Thank you.

Click on the picture to see what this man is ordering.

Flying saucers. They go well with beef stroganoff.

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