How to Install HP Printer Drivers in Mac OSX Lion

When I updated my iBook from Mac OS X Tiger to OS X Leopard, I suddenly found that I couldn’t print on my old HP printer. When I got my Macbook Air running Mac OS X Lion, I was faced with the same problem, which was that I couldn’t get my HP printer to run.

I don’t remember having to install or download printer drivers when I first got my iBook running Mac OS X Tiger. I just plugged in my printer and it was ready to use.

Where do you got to install printer drives in HP printers in Mac OSX 10.7 Lion?

But I suppose OSX Leopard and the succeeding OSs were cutting the fat where it can and preinstalled printer drivers were giving the OS larger footprints. So the solution was to have fewer printers installed.

What do you do to install the printer driver for your new OS? Read more after the jump.

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New Macbook Air Models with Intel’s Ivy Bridge Coming Soon

Apple is scheduled to come out with new notebooks with the Intel’s new-fangled Ivy Bridge processors. An Apple Macbook notebook, particularly a Macbook Air, with an Intel Ivy Bridge pricessor  should come out in the second quarter of 2012 according to Digitimes.

Apple is scheduled to come out with a Ivy Bridge-powered version of the Macbook Air in the second quarter of 2012. Image from Apple website.

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