Apple releases iTunes fix with version 11.1.5, fixes connection issues in Mavericks

Image Apple recently released an update for its music player for Mac OS X. The new update is supposed to fix some compatibility issues with iBooks for Macs running OS X Mavericks.


Apple release iTunes fix with version 11.1.5, fixes connection issues in Mavericks


Apple recently released an update for its music player for Mac OS X. The new update is supposed to fix some compatibility issues with iBooks for Macs running OS X Mavericks.  

To get the latest version of iTunes, head over to the App Store or go to the Apple iTunes download page here:



Read more on iTunes on Mac Mojo:


Download Apple’s iBooks Author (1.1 Update)

Without much fanfare, Apple updated the iBooks Author app a few days ago. Ok, granted the update is a minor one. But if you plan to use your Mac to create books for iOS, then download iBooks Author here (right, assuming you haven’t yet).

The iBooks Author app can be used to create books for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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How to Quit Mail, iTunes, Safari, or Any Other App When Even Force Quit Won’t Work

What do you do when an app refuses to freezes? First thing you have to try is force quitting an app.

How to Force Quit, option 1

  1. One way of doing that is doing a long press (or two-finger tap) on the app icon on the dock to make the contextual menu appear.
  2. Then you click force Quit or Force Quit.

What if an app won't force quit? What do you do?

How to Force Quit, option 2

Another is by on the application’s name in the menu bar on top right of the screen (to the right of the Apple logo ) and click Quit or Force Quit in the drop down menu.

But what if even force quitting doesn’t work? 

What the Mail app, Safari, or iTunes won’t quit even if you try to use the Force Quit? What if an app’s blue light just won’t go out?

Here’s another catch. When force quitting won’t quit an application, you can’t even shut down your computer (Apple logo  > Shut Down). And you get a message explaining why: The frozen app, Mail, Safari, or whatever, is stopping your computer from shutting down. Yes, you can’t even shut down your computer! Caramba!

What do you do? Find out how to force quit an app that won’t force quit to just flipping force quit, after the jump.

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How to Find Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Do you feel that the universe is eternally recurring across time and space? Do you sometimes feel that time is not linear but cyclical? Do you believe in deja vu? déjà vu? Didn’t you just ask me that?

Perhaps like me, you feel having duplicates songs in iTunes is annoying as hell.

Or did you just suddenly realize that iTunes is playing a song it just played 10 minutes ago? It may be that your iTunes library contains duplicates that you need to get rid of. You could accidentally imported an album twice or a song belongs to separate collections that you both added to your library.

You might not want to have a song appearing more than once in iTunes. Probably you feel that it’s taking up too much disk space on you computer or in the iPod your iTunes syncs with. Or you just don’t want it playing over and over, devouring its own tail for all eternity. Whatever the reason, the duplicates just annoy the hell out of you.

How do you remedy the situation, this Nietzschean dillema? You may want to manually check your song list for duplicates or you can try a simple command you can access from the iTunes menu bar.

Read more after the jump.

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Adding Lyrics and Album Art to iTunes Using Album Art Thingy

Want to be able to add lyrics AND album art to your songs on iTunes automatically?

Can Album Art Thingy retrieve album art and lyrics for your iTunes music library?

Album Art Thingy claims to be able to do that. I downloaded the trial version, which can be found here.

I’ve tried this app before on my old G4 Mac running OSX Tiger and I was impressed.

On my old iBook G4, Album Art Thingy found the album art and the lyrics to to many of the tracks I had in my iTunes library. Once I had Album Art Thingy running, all I had to do was play a song in iTunes and Album Art Thingy would find and add the album art and lyrics to iTunes. It was that easy.

Will it work on OSX Lion?

Find out after the jump.

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Automatically Add Lyrics to Songs in iTunes Using Tunestext

Find out how to automatically add lyrics to songs in iTunes.

It’s sometimes fun and helpful to have the lyrics to the song you’re playing on your iPod or on iTunes on your computer. On a Mac, there’s an easy way to add song lyrics while the song is playing. It involves using a handy widget called Tunestext. Tunestext is free to download and use.

1. Begin by downloading the widget here for free:

2. Once your done, double click the Tunestext zip file you downloaded to open it.

3. Double click the widget installer.

Step 3. This is what the widget installer looks like. Double click to install.

4. A dialogue window will appear. Click “Install.”

Step 4. Click “Install.”

5. Your dashboard will install Tunestext, click “Keep” at  the bottom of the widget.

The Tunestext widget

Step 5. Click “Keep”

Voila! Now every time you play a song in iTunes, Tunestext will fetch the lyrics and add them to iTunes. Pretty nifty, eh?

You can resize the widget to your liking. Fans of J-pop need not fret: Tunestext can be set to also fetch lyrics to Japanese song.

If you have questions or reactions, let me know. If you have other tips to make iTunes more fun to use, write me in the comments section.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • PowerPC or Intel processor (Universal Application)
  • iTunes
  • Internet Connection (for search lyrics)

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