Get tech ebooks from Microsoft for free

If your a big tech guy and want to grab some ebooks, here’s the page for you.

Microsoft SMS&P Partner Community Blog by Eric released a huge, and I mean huge collection of Microsoft ebooks, including some on Sharepoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 2010, SQL Server 2010, and many more.

Hop on over to this page to see what free ebooks are available:

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Download the Latest Firefox for Mac OS X

Here’s a bit of breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 is out.

Breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Android is available for download.

Head on to Mozilla’s download page for the latest Firefox web browser for Mac OS X: Download page for Firefox for Mac OS X

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Microsoft Releases Patches for Office 2011 for Mac OSX

While we wait for the official release of Microsoft Office for Mac OSX Lion, Microsoft came out with an update for Microsoft Office 2011. Microsoft Office 2011 is the latest version of the office suite of applications. While it runs well on Mac OSX Lion, officially, it supports only up to OSX Snow Leopard.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac OSX. Microsoft Office with Lion support is expected to come out in 2012.

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Check Dictionary Definition of a Word in Safari in Mac OSX

A wonderful dictionary app, the New Oxford American Dictionary, comes preinstalled in Mac OSX. The dictionary can run as a standalone app or as a widget you can keep active in the dashboard.

The Mac OSX Dashboard has a Oxford American Dictionary widget with which you can look up definitions and synonyms.

What you may or may not know is that you can look up dictionary definitions without leaving the application you are using. In Safari, you can see the definition of a word you are reading in three easy steps. The same steps will also show synonyms from the Thesaurus.

Hover your mouse pointer over word you want to look up.

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How to Make your Mac Read an Article out Loud

In case you’re missing the salad days of radio, here’s a neat trick: Text to Speech. Mac can talk. And it’s easy to make Apple Mac OSX read an article out loud in Safari.

The following procedure also works in other applications. You can use these steps to listen to text in other apps, such as Textedit, Pages, and Macjournal, using the same steps. It will not work in some apps, including Microsoft Word and Google Chrome.

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Microsoft to Release Updated Office for Mac OSX Lion and Office for iOS

Microsoft Office–Word, Powerpoint, Excel–for Mac OSX

While previous versions of Microsoft Office might work on Mac OSX Lion, the existing version of Microsoft Office 2011 only officially supports Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Recently, Microsoft announced that it is preparing Office 2012, meant specifically to work in OSX Lion, according to a report by Apple Insider

How does this affect Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel as they are used in Mac OSX Lion? What cool and useful new features can possibly be added? Read more fter the jump.
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