Expect Thinner Keyboards on 15- and 17-inch Macbooks

Apple wants to put laptops with thinner keyboards in your hands. A patent application dug up by Apple Insider points to plans by Apple to make keyboards as thin as .02 mm. These keyboards would be thinner, lighter, and more quiet than keyboards being manufactured today.

The patent says the new keyboards could be made of glass, wood, stone, or, believe it or not, polished meteorite (material that’s, you know, out of this world).

The 15-inch Macbook Pro and the rumored 15-inch Macbook Air are prime candidates to get ultra-high resolution retina display from Apple. Image from Apple website.

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The 15-inch Macbook Air and Other Rumors (Roundup)

A 15-inch Macbook Air? It could happen. Retina display on Apple notebooks? Quite possibly.  Ivy Bridge processors on the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air? Most probably.

The following are the top news stories on Mac Mojo.

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Samsung SSD for Coming Macbook Air to Become Twice as Fast

The solid state drives (SSDs) on the Macbook Air is about to become twice as fast, thanks to a new component manufactured by Samsung. Speed tests conducted on the new Samsung SSD 830 showed significant improvements in performance in the previous generation Samsung SSD 470.

Macbook Air updates will have an Ivy Bridge processor and possibly the faster Samsung SSD 830. Photo from Apple website.

The Macbook Air is not equipped with this superfast SSD yet. So when will a Macbook Air come out with the Samsung SSD 830? Read more after the jump.

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New Macbook Air Models with Intel’s Ivy Bridge Coming Soon

Apple is scheduled to come out with new notebooks with the Intel’s new-fangled Ivy Bridge processors. An Apple Macbook notebook, particularly a Macbook Air, with an Intel Ivy Bridge pricessor  should come out in the second quarter of 2012 according to Digitimes.

Apple is scheduled to come out with a Ivy Bridge-powered version of the Macbook Air in the second quarter of 2012. Image from Apple website.

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Microsoft to Release Updated Office for Mac OSX Lion and Office for iOS

Microsoft Office–Word, Powerpoint, Excel–for Mac OSX

While previous versions of Microsoft Office might work on Mac OSX Lion, the existing version of Microsoft Office 2011 only officially supports Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Recently, Microsoft announced that it is preparing Office 2012, meant specifically to work in OSX Lion, according to a report by Apple Insider

How does this affect Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel as they are used in Mac OSX Lion? What cool and useful new features can possibly be added? Read more fter the jump.
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