How to start private browsing in Safari

Date: August 1, 2012 10:59 PM

Topic: How to start private browsing in Safari

The new Safari, version 6, has an improved private browsing mode.

Private browsing lets you surf the web without leaving traces of where you go. So instead of Safari saving your history, cookies, and autofill information, in private browsing mode, all these should disappear once you close the browser window or turn off private browsing. In private browsing mode, Safari will not save files and information in the cache either.

Here’s how you activate private browsing in Safari 6 in OS X:

  1. Click on “Safari” in the toolbar on top of the screen
  2. Click “Private Browsing”
  3. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm if you want to turn on private browsing. Click OK.

Private browsing mode in Safari is now easier to use.

And that’s it. You have turned on private browsing in Safari.

Want to find out how to turn it off? It’s even easier.

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How to clear the cache in Safari in OS X

Clearing the cache is very in Safari. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Clear the cache in Safari in OS X

Clear the cache in Safari by following three easy steps

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How to Delete Browsing History and Private Data in Google Chrome

So you’ve been surfing the net. But you don’t want nosy coworkers or family members to see where you’ve been. If you’ve turned on private browsing, then your browser won’t be storing a record of websites you’ve visited.

How do you delete the browsing history, download history, contents of the browser cache, and cookies?

If you haven’t turned on private browsing, then you just have to delete your history when you are done. How do you do this in Google Chrome?

More after the jump.

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How to Activate Private Browsing in Google Chrome

Safari and Firefox in Mac OSX have something called private browsing. In Google Chrome, it’s called opening an incognito window.

This is Google Chrome in normal browsing mode. You can turn on private browsing in Google Chrome to keep it from storing your browsing history.

Google Chrome runs on Intel Macs running OSX Leopard or later. In incognito mode, Google Chrome does not store your browsing history or your search history. Temporary files, cookies, and download history aren’t kept either. They should all be gone after you’ve closed your browser (except for downloaded files should still be on your computer unless you manually delete them).

Incognito browsing is pretty handy if you are using a shared computer and you don’t want other people to see what sites you have visited.

Say you are shopping for a gift for a family member and you don’t want that person to see what where you’ve been doing your online shopping.

Learn more about private browsing (also called “porn mode”) after the jump.

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