The best free ebook readers for iOS

There are many great, free ebook readers for iOS. This is the bookshelf of the Apple’s iBooks app. (Photo from

Stanza seems to be running again since its “demise” about a year ago. Good thing, too, as it gives you more choices in reading books on iOS, though development on the app seems to be frozen up to now.

There are, of course, many ebook readers on the iOS app store for the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad, including Apple’s very own iBooks app.

The following are some of the best, free ebook readers for iOS. Note that while the apps are free, many books need to be purchased from an ebook seller. Free books are available online on Project Gutenberg and other websites.

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Get tech ebooks from Microsoft for free

If your a big tech guy and want to grab some ebooks, here’s the page for you.

Microsoft SMS&P Partner Community Blog by Eric released a huge, and I mean huge collection of Microsoft ebooks, including some on Sharepoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 2010, SQL Server 2010, and many more.

Hop on over to this page to see what free ebooks are available:

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Download the Mac Mojo Desktop Picture

Here’s a nice snapshot of Rouen, France. Feel free to download and set as your desktop photo.

Mac Mojo Rouen Wallpaper

Download Image

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Download the Latest Firefox for Mac OS X

Here’s a bit of breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 is out.

Breaking news: Mozilla Firefox 10 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Android is available for download.

Head on to Mozilla’s download page for the latest Firefox web browser for Mac OS X: Download page for Firefox for Mac OS X

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What to Do When Launching Adobe Digital Editions for the First Time

Adobe Digital Editions is a great ebook reader for Mac OS X. Not only does it support epubs, it can also handle PDFs and a “reflow-centric XHTML-based format.”

Adobe Digital Editions can be used to read epubs, PDFs, and XHTML.

For readers, they can also take advantage of Adobe Digital Edition’s support for lending and borrowing. Publishers like it because it supports DRM-protected content and allows for text markup features.

It’s a free download for Mac OS X and Windows.

When you install Adobe Digital Editions, you’ll be asked to go through a set up process when you launch it the first time. Read more for a step-by-step how-to on setting up Adobe Digital Editions.

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The Best Video Player for Mac OS X: VLC

Movies files come in various formats. AVI, MPG, and MP4 are just some of the more popular format that you can play on a Windows PC or on a Mac.

VLC can play just any video file type you throw at it.

On Mac OS X, there is a preinstalled Quicktime Player which can be used to play Quicktime video, AIFF, WAV, DV-DIF, MP3, and MPEG. It does not, by default, play AVI, DivX, Flash Video, and other file types, though that can be remedied by installing plugins such as Perian, which is free and open source.

Apple’s default player for OS X has also been available for Windows for two decades now.

Since I started using Mac OS X, the VLC became my favorite app for playing videos, and I’ll tell you why.

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How to Find Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Do you feel that the universe is eternally recurring across time and space? Do you sometimes feel that time is not linear but cyclical? Do you believe in deja vu? déjà vu? Didn’t you just ask me that?

Perhaps like me, you feel having duplicates songs in iTunes is annoying as hell.

Or did you just suddenly realize that iTunes is playing a song it just played 10 minutes ago? It may be that your iTunes library contains duplicates that you need to get rid of. You could accidentally imported an album twice or a song belongs to separate collections that you both added to your library.

You might not want to have a song appearing more than once in iTunes. Probably you feel that it’s taking up too much disk space on you computer or in the iPod your iTunes syncs with. Or you just don’t want it playing over and over, devouring its own tail for all eternity. Whatever the reason, the duplicates just annoy the hell out of you.

How do you remedy the situation, this Nietzschean dillema? You may want to manually check your song list for duplicates or you can try a simple command you can access from the iTunes menu bar.

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How to Activate Private Browsing in Google Chrome

Safari and Firefox in Mac OSX have something called private browsing. In Google Chrome, it’s called opening an incognito window.

This is Google Chrome in normal browsing mode. You can turn on private browsing in Google Chrome to keep it from storing your browsing history.

Google Chrome runs on Intel Macs running OSX Leopard or later. In incognito mode, Google Chrome does not store your browsing history or your search history. Temporary files, cookies, and download history aren’t kept either. They should all be gone after you’ve closed your browser (except for downloaded files should still be on your computer unless you manually delete them).

Incognito browsing is pretty handy if you are using a shared computer and you don’t want other people to see what sites you have visited.

Say you are shopping for a gift for a family member and you don’t want that person to see what where you’ve been doing your online shopping.

Learn more about private browsing (also called “porn mode”) after the jump.

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How to Hide a Window in Mac OSX

Want to hide an active window? There’s a keyboard shortcut for that.

Want hide all windows except for your currently active window? There’s a keyboard shortcut for that.

You Can Hide Active or Inactive Windows Using a Keyboard Shortcut.

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Review: Connect Old Disk Drives Using the Universal Drive Adapter

If you have old and naked disk drives that you want to access, all you’ll need is this one geeky gadget. This fancy looking thingamabob can connect a disk drive to your computer’s USB port without having to fool around with a tiresome enclosure.

Connect 2.5", 3.5", and 5.25" drives to a Mac or PC.

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