How to Show / Hide Bookmarks Bar in Safari in Mac OSX

Apple’s Safari is a nifty Web browser with a clean look, a nice RSS reader function, and powerful bookmarking options. One of the things I like is the convenient Bookmarks Bar (found right below the Address Bar) where you can add bookmarks that you can move around simply by dragging the bookmarks.

But have you ever looked at Safari and wondered where the Bookmarks Bar went?

Or do you have a Bookmarks Bar that you wished would disappear for whatever reason? Okay, so maybe Safari’s Bookmarks Bar does not appear or disappear randomly. However, you might want to show or hide it and you suddenly you can’t figure out how to.

The Bookmarks Bar is a useful feature of Safari. You can show or hide Safari's Bookmarks Bar in Mac OSX using the Mac toolbar or with a keyboard shortcut.

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Showing and hiding the Bookmarks Bar is pretty easy if you are using an Apple Mac running OSX. To hide Safari’s Bookmarks Bar, do the following steps while Safari is running. Look for View in the toolbar on top of the screen.

  • With Safari active, click View > Hide Bookmarks Bar.

Show or hide Safari's Bookmarks Bar in the View menu.

Right. That’s the only step there is. To show the Bookmarks Bar in Safari, you simply do the exact same thing. When you click View toolbar, you will see that the Hide Bookmarks Bar will have changed to read Show Bookmarks Bar.

  • With Safari active, click View > Hide Bookmarks Bar.

Alternatively, you may also use a keyboard shortcut to hide or show the Bookmarks Bar.

  • On your keyboard, press Command + Shift + B

That keyboard shortcut toggles the Bookmarks Bar and turns it on or off.

Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments.

You might want to hide Safari's Bookmarks Bar if you prefer a cleaner look.


24 thoughts on “How to Show / Hide Bookmarks Bar in Safari in Mac OSX

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  5. if you right click the toolbar > customize toolbar > there’s actually a “Toggle the bookmarks bar” button that you can drag onto your toolbar.

    (sorry if you mentioned that i’m in a rush so just skimmed the article!)

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  7. Just wondering if  have now removed the option to have the Bookmarks under the adress window as before? If they haven’t removed it, how do i do that? 🙂

  8. Actually i found the solution (of course when you ask the solution appears 😉 )…Go to Content-> then select Show favorites…done!! how i missed that function :)…

  9. I have viewed countless post & YouTube videos & finally YOU provided the very answer I have been searching for…THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much this helped! I know I sound like a noob but I’m a guy that used Windows PCs all my life. It was like an abusive relationship, you just don’t know when to quit.

  11. This may be an old thread, but “Command/shift/B” still works in 2016 on macOS Sierra! Thank you so much!!!! I was dying without my bookmarks bar!!!

  12. I don’t want the bookmarks sidebar to keep showing up, but it does. I took it off, but then when I use Safari again, there is the thing, which I DO NOT want every time I open Safari. How do we keep it out of the way?

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